Friday, October 17, 2003

Bryan Sykes lecture

Bryan Sykes, interviewed by Kim Hill last night, is speaking at The University of Auckland on Tuesday night at 7pm in the Library basement lecture theatre B28. It would pay to be there by at least 6:30 pm as his first two lectures were full.

He will be talking about the demise of the Y chromosome. The Y chromosome's precarious position goes to the heart of our human make-up and of our understanding of evolution.

Only one quibble with Kim. She had a tendancy to talk about the "survival of the species". No, no, no. There is no group selection.

For those interested in this fascinating area I recommend Matt Ridley's The Red Queen.

It covers in a very readable way such topics as why we have sex, why we have only 2 sexes (why not 3 or 100?) and the role of sex selection.

So all you boys get out and support the side.


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