Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Heads the US loses, Tails the Left wins

Nothing epitomises the moral bankruptcy of the Left more than the arguments put forward by George Monbiot and Paul Krugman.

What they are saying is that if the US gets heavy with dictatorial regimes, eg North Korea, Syria, Iran and the ex-Hussein then that is wrong. And then if the US in any way is seen to be going soft on dictatorial regimes then that is wrong too.

The Left have given up trying to offer any constructive way of dealing with these regimes. Instead it has become a game of "If Bush is for it, I'm against it".

If the Left want to organise to overthrow the regime in Uzbekistan then I'll support them but to argue that the US can't depose one psycho if they don't depose them all is juvenile.

Of course if the US did decide that regime change would be a good thing in Uzbekistan then Monbiot and Krugman would be the first to oppose such action.


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