Friday, November 14, 2003

Bush haters and the haters that hate

Even, especially, as someone who still considers themselves centre-left I find it difficult to understand the extreme venom with which the Left dislike Bush. So he's a conservative, he's not too keen on abortion or evolution and thought that overthrowing Saddam might make the world a better place. I can understand why anyone on the Left might disagree with any of these positions but there is a serious lack of perspective going on when all the worlds troubles have to be laid at his feet.

Russell Brown is arguing that Bush can be blamed for NZers feeling more negative about every other country other than OZ and for "a general public loss of faith, worldwide, in international relations". How on earth can Bush be blamed for what NZers think of other countries? And if he did have such fantastic mind control then why do we think better of Oz - a country which supported Bush?

And what about that little episode when Clinton was president where the world stood by and watched genocide occur in Rwanda. Maybe the hundreds of thousands of deaths there may have had some impact on how people see "international relations".

Conservatives hated Clinton, now its the turn of liberals to hate Bush. I really don't think that is progress.


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