Wednesday, November 26, 2003

The Guardian on US influence in Georgia

In this Guardian editorial on the recent events in Georgia there seems to be a rather ambivalent attitude to the US putting pressure on Shevardnadze to go.

So, Bush uses "soft power", as The Guardian puts it, to encourage the departure of a corrupt, unpopular and illegitimate government and the Left don't like it.

So, its wrong for Bush to overthrow one dictatorship if he doesn't do the same for all, its wrong for him to in anyway support dictatorships and now it is wrong for him to not support dictatorships. Go figure.

The Washington Post has this article describing how the anti-Shevardnadze groups enlisted the expertise of Serbians who organised against Milosevic.

And on US influence:

"U.S. government-funded programs provided instruction in building independent democratic institutions to any parties in Georgia that wanted it, though nowhere near as actively as in Yugoslavia, where it was targeted at overthrowing Milosevic. "It's safe to say it was a more generic and traditional support of the democratic process in general," said a senior Western diplomat who spoke on the condition of anonymity."

What, Bush supporting democracy?


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