Monday, November 24, 2003

Let's see the Left defend Fisk now

Robert Fisk's article, in which deliberately misrepresents bin Laden's motives, is now available free on ZNET: Where Are We Going

The quote again:

"The Australians paid the price for John Howard's alliance with Bush in Bali."

Now, the recorded statement of bin Laden explaining that the Bali bombing was revenge for Australia's part in East Timor gaining independence has been around for some time and has had considerable publicity. So we can only assume that Fisk is misrepresenting bin Laden for his own sick motives.

Remember, this is the guy who opposed military action against Milosevic.

When will the Left learn that the terrorists want what we cannot possibly give them - eg handing East Timor back to Indonesia to eventually become part of some sort of fascist Islamic state.

The root cause of terrorism is the desire to destroy liberal societies. It is not Israel - by far the majority of victims of bin Laden's brand of terrorism have been Arabs and/or Muslims. It is not Bush - 9/11 was planned when Clinton was in office.

Perhaps a little of the skepticism the Left aims at Bush and Blair could be focused on people like Fisk who has made the following, often bizarre, assertions:

- bin Laden could not possibly have been responsible for 9/11 - wrong
- but paradoxically bin Laden had fled Afghanistan before 9/11 - wrong
- Afghanistan was going to become like Vietnam - wrong
- the US were walking into a carefully laid out trap in Afghanistan - wrong
- the Arab street would rise up and overthrow various governments - wrong
- Baghdad would be like Stalingrad - wrong
- the Arab street would rise up and overthrow various governments - wrong again


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