Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Lost in Fairyland

"But in debating the war, those of us who opposed it find ourselves drawn into this fairytale. We are obliged to argue about the relative moral merits of leaving Saddam in place or deposing him, while we know, though we are seldom brave enough to say it, that the moral issue is a distraction. The genius of the hawks has been to oblige us to accept a fiction as the reference point for debate."

George Monbiot in The moral myth

Two points.

Firstly, was it or was it not a case of leaving Saddam in power or deposing him? Maybe I missed something but those were the two options, hardly a "moral distraction" one would of thought.

Secondly, notice how the Left have this habit of claiming that they cannot think for themselves. Most often they claim to have been "deceived", now Monbiot alleges he was "obliged" to think a certain way.


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