Wednesday, November 19, 2003

More surprise - Monbiot makes sense

Monbiot in The Guardian is well worth reading: Rattling the bars

"While I was speaking, the words died in my mouth, as it struck me with horrible clarity that as long as incentives to cheat exist (and they always will) none of our alternatives could be applied universally without totalitarianism."

Exactly, just as evolutionary psychology has been saying. Naively assuming an unreal capacity for co-operation leads to Totalitarianism.

"It seems to me that the questions we urgently need to ask ourselves are these: is totalitarianism the only means of eliminating capitalism? If so, and if, as almost all of us profess to do, we abhor totalitarianism, can we continue to call ourselves anti-capitalists? If there is no humane and democratic answer to the question of what a world without capitalism would look like, then should we not abandon the pursuit of unicorns, and concentrate on capturing and taming the beast whose den we already inhabit?"

There is the usual slightly grandiose rhetoric but he must be given credit for addressing the key failings of Utopian idealism.


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