Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Chomsky - fantasy and failure

Chomsky appears to be having his dissent crushed all over the place at the moment, from The Independent to Scoop.

I remember only too well the interview he did with John Campbell on Radio NZ where he made the hysterical allegations of "silent genocide". Campbell lapped it up, not one iota of skepticism. From that moment on I knew the Left anti-war movement had doomed itself to irrelevance. Why engage with the real world and have a chance of influencing US foreign policy when you can indulge in self pity and moral outrage.

And the anti-war movement did indeed go on to achieve absolutely nothing. Why on earth would Bush bother to listen to people who fantasize about "silent genocide"? I firmly believe that there was a far better chance for the Left to make some impression on the debates about Afghanistan and Iraq had there been less hysteria and less reliance on people such as Chomsky, Pilger, Fisk etc.

For more on Chomsky's slipperiness try Chomsky the coward.


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