Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Divisions in US public opinion

The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace have an interesting article on US public opinion on the Iraq question:

Divided on the War? Not Really

"You have to wonder, moreover, about the roughly one-third of the country that says it opposes the war. How much of that opposition is antiwar, and how much is anti-Bush? In 1999 a significant portion of the opposition to Clinton's war in Kosovo was simply Clinton-hating Republicans expressing their hatred. The same phenomenon is surely at work now. If a Democratic president had gone to war in Iraq, even without a U.N. resolution -- as Bill Clinton did on a much smaller scale in 1998, and as a President Al Gore and his hawkish Vice President Joe Lieberman might well have done had the vote in Florida gone differently -- some percentage of today's antiwar Democrats would have been supportive. (And some pro-war Republicans would have been opposed)."


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