Thursday, December 11, 2003

The hypocrisy of the non-coalition countries

Some people are getting their knickers in a twist over Bush excluding non-coalition countries, chiefly France, Russia and Germany, from bidding for the Iraqi development money. (Although they will be able to sub-contract so maybe it will make no difference).

Given that it is US (not French, German or Russian) money being spent on reconstruction it seems only fair that the US should decide how this is allocated.

And how hypocritical is it for France, Germany and Russia to be complaining? They didn't want to play a part in getting rid of Saddam but now want to line up to make a profit out of the Iraqis.

Why don't these countries, who have tiresomely proclaimed that they - not the US - have the welfare of Iraqis at heart, just donate their expertise out of goodwill? Our Government didn't support the war but is actually interested in humanitarian issues enough to send support for no money. Given that France and Russia were Saddam's chief military backers and made plenty of money out his regime one would have thought they had a moral duty. But no, anything for a quick buck.

(People go on and on about how the US supposedly supported Saddam. They did - for a few years during the Iraq/Iran war. But the US opposed him for the majority of his rule - far longer than France and Russia who provided Saddam with his weaponry. Its a peculiar sort of argument anyway - its equivalent to saying NZ should not have taken part in the establishment of East Timor's independence since we had acquiesced in Indonesia's takeover in the first place. Ludicrous.)


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