Wednesday, December 17, 2003

An intelligent Left

An example of what you will never find on Radio NZ or in The Listener: Nick Cohen on Chomsky.

As I blogged recently much of the Left is stuck in a Chomskyist view of how people develop their political opinions - the paranoid view that our minds are controlled by the media. Cohen reaches the same conclusion - that this is a pitiful explanation for defeat:

"To the far Left, accustomed to decades of defeat, Chomsky's account of the brainwashing of the dumb masses provides an excuse for failure."

Is anyone else bemused by how John Campbell and Finlay Macdonald prattle on about the "elites" controlling the media when they themselves hold two of the most influential media positions in NZ, with resources way beyond the reach of average kiwis with which to promote their own political opinions - and to the exclusion of others when they can manage that?


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