Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Pesky Lefties and Liberals

Russell Brown is having to resort to linking to the lunatic Pilger-Left at Media Lens to establish a case that Bush and Blair were wrong to overthrow Saddam because of past Western deeds. I don't see how this argument works. If past complicity with Saddam is the basis by which we have to judge recent policy towards his regime then surely France and Russia were wrong since they provided far more support for Saddam than the US or Britain.

Its a very peculiar argument. Presumably Germany's foreign policy is to be perpetually distrusted because of the Nazi thing, and similarly with Japan and New Zealand (we sent troops to Vietnam remember). I can't see how New Zealand's failings in the past should disqualify us from playing a constructive role in East Timor or the Solomon Is. But that is the argument being put forward now against US intervention in Iraq.

And as for "...all the shifting rationales, ideological blindness, lies and refusals to truly account for human cost - ..." - sounds like a good description of the Peace Movement.

I'd be very interested to see any "account for human cost" from those who would have preferred Saddam remain in power.

Those pesky lefties and liberals who were unsuccessfully raising the alarm over Saddam 20 years ago included a large number of people who supported the overthrow of Saddam and whose opinions have been conspicuously absent from Radio NZ and The Listener. Too pesky one imagines. My impression is that the Liberal/Left in NZ is far too lazy and complacent to engage with such views.

This refusal to give recognition to the range of views within the Left was the primary motivation for setting up this blog.


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