Friday, December 19, 2003

What will Saddam's trial reveal?

Much of the Left in NZ are mindlessly rabbiting on about how the US used to support Saddam, as if to say that the US has no moral authority to get rid of tyrants and/or they have no true commitment to democracy.

I don't believe that this sort of argument is anything more than an attempt at cheap point scoring. Those advancing this point of view have not felt inclined to offer an alternative as to how to deal with dictatorships.

For a point of view that does offer more try Johann Hari's: The trial of Saddam should make us all - from Donald Rumsfeld to Jacques Chirac to the anti-war protestors - examine our consciences

Update: The Economist has a well balanced assessment of this issue -The moral of Saddam Hussein

We still have brutal regimes in existence - Myanmar and North Korea for example, so it is important to learn from past mistakes in dealing with such countries. But if we choose some sort of uneasy cohabitation on what moral basis is this to be judged? Does it amount to appeasement?

If regime change is opted for, how can we tell if this will result in less suffering than cohabitation?


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