Friday, January 30, 2004


The Left leaning Brit media has not been slow in condemning the Hutton enquiry that they had so noisily demanded. Just goes to show how some are never satisfied unless they get exactly what they want. Reminds me of the Greens and the GM enquiry here.

The question was whether Blair lied or misled and Hutton found that to be not the case. As Blair has said it is possible to have a genuine disagreement over Iraq without getting into the "lying" thing. But the anti-war crowd found it easiest to go down that road which was very unconstructive. It enables Bush and Blair to simply respond "If we were lying then Clinton and the majority of Western intelligence agencies have been as well for the last 10 years".

We were all wrong, says ex-weapons inspector, David Kay:

"But his evidence did not support accusations that the Bush administration purposefully exaggerated the intelligence on Iraq.

"Under questioning from Edward Kennedy, a senator for Massachusetts, as to whether there had been a "greater failure than a failure of intelligence ... a manipulation of intelligence" he said that intelligence analysts in the US, France, Germany and elsewhere had all believed Saddam had WMD stockpiles."

The anti-war crowd shot themselves in the head by turning the debate into a slanging match, accusing those who supported the war of duplicity. They may have actually had some influence if they had accepted the pro-war argument at face value and responded to what people were actually saying rather than what they imagined they were saying. Instead misplaced moral outrage and conspiracy theories held sway and they had zero influence. Well done.

One of the many ironies, and in my opinion a particularly sad one, of this whole business is that both Kelly and Gilligan were cautious supporters of overthrowing Saddam. But that just goes to show how ineffectual the anti-war crowd were, the most intensive investigation into the lead-up to the war emerged not from their ranks.


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