Wednesday, January 28, 2004

The Presidential Race

I think I'll give up making any predictions about the Dem race.

But in terms of political preference I don't have much of a problem with any of the front runners. I liked Dean for his Confederate Flag thing and even though Clark has Michael Moore's support he did kick Milosevic's ass and put his main backers, the Russians, in their place. Kerry, Edwards - seem pretty much run of the mill Dems.

In terms of Iraq and foreign policy in general they will all have to follow on with what Bush has started and even though they may criticize Bush I bet they will be pleased with the US's new don't-mess-with-me reputation. None of them will dare risk having a 911 on their watch - that would be the end of the Dems.

If I was living in the US I would vote Dem, since I disagree with 75% of Bush's domestic policies. But not being a US citizen and agreeing with 75% of his foreign policy I wouldn't mind if Bush got a second term.


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