Monday, January 26, 2004

Radical Chic

Tariq Ali is all the rage with the middle aged and middle class radicals at the Listener.

Susan Watkins , his wife and fellow New Left Review contributor says this of Blair's Labour:

"Judged against its immediate predecessors, an objective audit can only conclude that New Labour has scattered a few crumbs to the poor, while otherwise consolidating and extending Thatcher’s programme; externally, it has a far more bloodstained record. The civilians killed in Blair’s successive aggressions abroad—Iraq, Yugoslavia, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, Iraq—outnumber Thatcher’s tally by tens of thousands. Such domestic pittances as the regime has distributed count for little beside the destruction of international legality and loss of foreign lives that have been its hallmark. Like any government, Britain’s can only be judged on its record and on a rational assessment of its future trajectory. The sooner New Labour exits the better."

This section of the Left has some pretty weird ideas. Do Campbell and Macdonald know who they are supporting?


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