Friday, January 30, 2004

Soros on the UN

George Soros has some good ideas on how to reform the UN:

"The formation of an influential democratic bloc of nations would change the character of the UN, making it more effective in influencing the behaviour of its members," Mr Soros writes in his book. "Repressive regimes would be excluded from active decision making; failed states could be put under protection of the UN. The currently insoluble problem of using the UN to interfere in the internal affairs of sovereign states could be on the way to a solution."

The stuff about "a critical lack of debate on Mr Bush's policies" is weird given the amount of critical debate taking place back here on earth. The "there is no debate" theme is one of the more pathetic excuses the anti-war crowd have for not getting their way. It's true that there is no debate here but how does one explain the polarisation in US politics (that liberals complain about) if there is "no debate"?

I suppose now that the Left in the US is financed by a billionaire finance speculator they will stop criticising the Right for being funded by big business. Not.


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