Friday, January 09, 2004

Those others have indeed been encouraged

Very interesting opinion piece critical of Sharon in Haaretz: Don't play with matches .

Criticism of Sharon in Haaretz is unsurprising (and generally warranted), it is the picture this particular piece paints of Bush's foreign policy in the Middle East that is worth a closer look.

"After the United States made it clear that running away from Iraq is not on the agenda, the countries in this region know that America is clutching a big stick and intends to put things in order."

"Syria's offer to make peace with Israel stems from its fear of America."

"On top of that, while America is operating in its own way to bring about the nuclear disarmament of Iran, ..."

Hindsight may prove the WMD argument for getting rid of Saddam to be flawed, but one of the other reasons - to encourage other autocratic regimes to reform or else - has not been lost on some of the Israeli Left.


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