Friday, January 16, 2004

Wes Clark on Iraq

Josh Marshall has the transcript of Wes Clark's testimony to Congress during the build up to the war in Iraq:

"The problem of Iraq is not a problem that can be postponed indefinitely, and of course Saddam's current efforts themselves are violations of international law as expressed in the U.N. resolutions. Our President has emphasized the urgency of eliminating these weapons and weapons programs. I strongly support his efforts to encourage the United Nations to act on this problem and in taking this to the United Nations, the president's clear determination to act if the United States can't -- excuse me, if the United Nations can't provides strong leverage for under girding ongoing diplomatic efforts."

Read the entire thing since this quote is not fully indicative of his message - it has more nuance. But the point is that to characterise the Iraq debate, as liberals in NZ do, as stupid, aggressive Bush and neocons vs right thinking liberals is a nonsense. Dealing with Saddam was always going to be very difficult and magic wands are in short supply.

Interesting Washington Post opinion piece on Clark: Karl Rove's Nightmare

Agree with Alterman that Clark/Dean not Dean/Clark would have the best chance to beat Bush.


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