Friday, February 20, 2004

Brash, BS and Indoctrination

After initially welcoming Brash's frontal attack on a few liberal sacred cows I'm beginning to wonder if he knows what he's talking about - Brash re-thinks Maori seat issue.

Reserved places for Maori at universities do not produce sub-standard graduates. At best there is an issue to be debated - whether or not such positive discrimination methods achieve the desired outcome - but Brash is talking nonsense.

And on the other side of the fence there is the threat of indoctrination dressed up as "learning history" from Maori fundamentalists such as Green MP Metiria Turei:

"People need to learn about our collective history rather than the media-based history that gives the impression that all Maori do is complain to collect preferential treatment."

This is classic old school Leftism - people disagree with Turei not because they have good reason but because they don't understand history. Start building those re-education camps.


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