Saturday, February 07, 2004

Faux radicals

Finlay Macdonald on The Listener:

"....the magazine's valuable role in providing an alternative viewpoint amid the general babble of unexamined and conformist orthodoxies. I know there are pockets of resistance out there where we're still typecast as ideologically doctrinaire, but it isn't supported by the evidence."

Alternative to what exactly? The Herald - that publishes more Robert Fisk than the Listener? To TV3 - with the Chomsky inspired John Campbell? To Radio NZ - hardly a hotbed of right wing fanaticism? Note that different political opinions are characterised as "babble" and "conformist".

As for evidence of being doctrinaire - how many articles have been published in the Listener on Afghanistan and Iraq that have disagreed with the editor's opinion? None. It is actually possible (and healthy) for debate to occur within the Left, as the British newspapers The Independent and The Guardian show.

It is odd to have white, middle class, university educated males with guaranteed access to the media, employed by a multinational, posing as "alternative". Maybe its a middle aged thing, like buying a sports car.


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