Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Mad Monbiot

The corporate stooges who nobble serious science

"The scientific establishment is rotten from top to bottom, riddled with conflicts far graver than Dr Wakefield's. Such is the state of science today that if, for example, there has been a genuine rise in the incidence of autism, and if that rise is linked to an environmental pollutant or the side-effects of a valuable drug, it's hard to see how we would ever find out."

"Wakefield's paper was consequential - measles, mumps and rubella are likely to have spread as a result of the vaccine scare - but no more consequential than the daily deceptions practised by the most eminent scientists."

"There is more corruption in our university faculties than there is in the building industry."

Monbiot is alleging that the entire scientific world is but a mere poddle of nasty Big Business. Ironically he goes on to criticise Bush for attacking the scientific establishment. His views are reminiscent of the Green Party in NZ - they share the same basic anti-science point of view. It is peculiar that the environmental movement in particular has been taken over by these types of religious fanatics.

The anti-vaccine crowd are a bunch of wackos who are doing major damage to public health programmes. But Monbiot trivialises the issue and goes off down the usual path of anti-globalisation paranoia.

The frightening thing is that Monbiot is actually considered to be a major Left wing intellectual figure. Which just goes to show what dire straights the Left is in.


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