Sunday, March 07, 2004

The Alliance - it lives and has jargon ready!

Laila Harre is busy planning the revolution - The Third Way: Politics of Manipulation and Defeatism -

"The presumptuous style that typifies the Third Way, is that their denial of the collective strength and activism of the industrial working class which gave birth to their now placid Labour Parties was built through years of struggle in trade unions and other social movements."

and what on earth is she saying here:

"One of the most wonderful speeches I have read was that gifted by Fidel Castro to the first South African Parliament.

"Uncharacteristically, it was written in advance, because of a concern that an impromptu performance might take some time and create a diplomatic incident. It was written, like this one, on a plane, and it started by describing the process of preparing it as being much like penning a love letter to a woman with whom the writer has been in love for many years, but has never met.

"For better or worse, I can’t say the same for this gathering."


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