Monday, March 15, 2004

Even more bizarre

With the events in Spain it seems things can still get stranger and more depressing.

The new Prime Minister will possibly be in a very difficult position. Having opposed Spain's involvement in Iraq and having promised to bring home the Spanish troops, he now finds that this course of action is that which al Qaida is claiming they wanted to manipulate him into. A no win situation.

There has been an unseemly rush to allege that the outgoing PM, José Aznar, played up the possible ETA role and down played al Qaida related evidence.

The Economist doesn't voice an opinion either way but does note:

"However the government did have some strong reasons for suspecting the Basque terrorists: only two weeks ago, the security forces seized a huge load of explosives, apparently belonging to ETA, destined for Madrid. Last December, Spanish police said they had foiled an ETA plot to blow up a train in a Madrid station. And in the summer, police arrested an ETA cell that had planted explosives on a railway track outside Madrid. The group had been expected to try to stage an attack in the final days of the election campaign, to send a message that it is still around."

There was good reason to suspect ETA and who knows at present who will wind up being behind it.

But if it does turn out to be Islamic extremists then no doubt we will have the Pilger/Fisk crowd saying how it was all Bush's fault. Their attitude of "don't annoy the terrorists" is pretty odd. Given 911 was planned when Blair and Clinton were protecting the Muslims in Serbia and Kosovo its hard to know what wouldn't annoy the terrorists.


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