Wednesday, March 24, 2004

How to avoid paralysis

Despite the usual lefty stuff about all the lying supposed to be going on, George Monbiot's latest - A charter to intervene - is at least a serious attempt to offer what most of the anti-war camp have not managed to do - articulate an alternative.

Its significant that Monbiot bases his argument around quotes from Chomsky. Monbiot is usually considered to be in the same part of the Left political system so he's attempting to talk sense into that group. He will no doubt be receiving buckets of abusive emails from the disciples. Chomsky, along with people such as Pilger and Fisk, has a cult following rather than a critical readership.

There's always the problem that a set of rules, no matter how rigorous, will not always avoid controversy, that's why we have lawyers. Laws often require interpretation, they are not necessarily self evident. But the fact that Monbiot recognizes that there are hard choices to be made about complex situations is a positive sign.


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