Wednesday, March 10, 2004

An interesting way of arguing

David Slack contributes to the Treaty debate by putting words in to other people's mouths:

"Now, you can deride Cultural safety in nursing, but if you do, you're saying..."

"You can deride Bilingual rebranding of the public sector, but if you do, you're saying..."

"You can mock Claims of taniwhas being used to block developments, but in doing it, you're..."

Now, since I have derided Cultiural safety in nursing it is intersting to learn that David Slack knows what I am really saying. Apparently it means that I cannot "accept that it might ever be helpful for nurses to have an understanding of national and local issues and their impact on health."

Which I find extremely insulting.

Let's try this technique out: What David Slack is really saying is that anyone who disagrees with him is racist.


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