Monday, March 01, 2004

Iraq - oil for food scandal

Guess who was benefiting from the corruption in the Iraq oil for food programme Hussein's Regime Skimmed Billions From Aid Program:

"Iraq's suppliers included Russian factories, Arab trade brokers, European manufacturers and state-owned companies from China and the Middle East. Iraq generally refused to buy directly from American companies, which in any case needed special licenses to trade legally with Iraq."

All the countries that opposed Saddam's overthrow.

Guess who the Left blamed for the impoverishment of the Iraqi people under Saddam. Why, the US of course. Well, it was usually the US via the UN.

The sanctions process seems to have been a big mess all round. It would be extremely unfair to lay the blame for this at the door of the UN. Most reasonable people thought that sanctions would be a better alternative to war and could have as positive an influence as those on South Africa in the apartheid era. Ironically enough on coming to office Bush-the-warmonger was looking to ease sanctions, making them more targeted on the regime.

The containment of Saddam's regime was not exactly going swimmingly.


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