Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Round one to al Qaida

So much for me thinking that Zapatero may find it difficult to pull Spanish troops out of Iraq for fear of giving the wrong signals to al Qaida - New Spanish PM promises Iraq withdrawal .

The Spanish Left have shown how effective terrorism can be.

The biggest problem for Zapatero will be the threat of another attack in Spain. He may find that its not possible to buy immunity from al Qaida quite so easily.

For a liberal hawk's view on why this does not amount to appeasement try Jacob Levy.

But we will be hearing a lot more of the nonsense that this is all Bush and Blair's fault, that if they had just left Saddam alone to oppress the Iraqis then al Qaida would not be attacking Turkey or Spain. Except that al Qaida was targeting those countries before the invasion:

Who's Next after Madrid?.

And to preempt the predictable simple-minded allegation that I'm implying that the Spanish people have somehow got it all wrong, the argument is about how al Qaida will view these events. If they have influenced the Spanish elections will they see this as vindication of their tactics and will we see more of the same in the run-up to elections in other countries?

A point being made not just by conservative pundits:Calpundit.


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