Friday, March 12, 2004

Sept 11 to March 11 = exactly 6 months

Also 9/11, 3/11, 9+3=12

Just trying my hand at a bit of paranoia. It will be all over Scoop soon.

Update: the Left have already headed for outerspace:

"As Spain's own 9/11, this attack might be the "blood bond," the tool for the Spanish political class to consolidate broader social support for coming imperial wars, restrictions of civil liberties and general social paranoia, phenomena from which Spain had been relatively exempt until today."

They are of course implying in a Fisk-like manner that this event is the work of the US.

Spain was once a part of the Islamic world and much of its distinctive culture owes a debt to that influence. For the extremists however, the loss of any territory is an attack on Islam which is why the Bali bombings took place - payback to Australia for depriving the Islamic world of East Timor.

If it turns out not to be ETA but Islamic extremists then their motivations will go back hundreds of years. But we will be deluged by the Left saying how its America's fault.


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