Thursday, July 29, 2004


While not agreeing with all of Juan Cole's argument I agree with his conclusion:

I suspect that the Kerry-Edwards campaign will pick up on Clinton's themes. Not the war but the rush to war and unilateralism will be critiqued. Not the troops but the Bush administration officials will be faulted. The criticism will be subtle rather than blunt, and the theme will be hope rather than fear.

The implication being that this strategy may work better than the mad frothing against Bush that has been more common.

David Corn at the Nation expresses a similar view:
It may sound odd coming from me, but it is not necessary to call Bush a "liar" to make the point. Clinton, who was pounded by the right and who had his own problems with truth-telling, demonstrated to his comrades how it is far better for them to wield a stiletto than a sledgehammer when trying to cut up a political foe.

While I find this new found appreciation of Clinton amusing it is progress of a sort. But I think that they may not be facing up to the full implications of embracing Clinton.

While Bush has been in office he has become for many the source of all evil. If only he wasn't around then we would not be having all these problems with Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Palestine/Israel etc etc. The problem is that all these issues were boiling away when Clinton was President. The Oslo Accords fell apart on his watch. Iran and North Korea reneged on their nuclear programme restrictions during the same period.

These problems were not created by Bush and even Clinton had no magic wand solutions. If Kerry is elected he will face the same complex world. Those that hate Bush will feel lost since they will wake up the day after the election to find that the world has not have changed, that Kerry's foreign policy will look much like Bush's, and they will have lost Bush as a reason for the world not being paradise.


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