Friday, July 30, 2004

The Dems foreign policy - much like Bush's

Josh Marshall has an informative article on how Kerry's foreign policy is being developed: Kerry Faces the World .

Being partisan Marshall can't avoid the predictable and not very original pot shoots at Bush but it appears to be an accurate summation of what to expect from a Kerry presidency. Which does not look like it will be much different from that of Bush. Which is a good thing.

One of the ironies about Bush's foreign policy is that he started out as a typical Republican isolationist with no time for the Clintonesque dalliances in nation building and trying to solve the Israel/Palestine problem. But since 911 he has taken Republican foreign policy towards that of the Democrats. The debate now centers on means not ends.

This is bad news for the peaceniks but good news for those keen on promoting democracy and liberal values.


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