Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Listener revamp

The Listener is being revamped and I personally hope that it will be more reflective of the broad range of Left/Liberal opinion that is around. There is more to the Left than Tariq Ali and Noam Chomsky.

I don't agree with Pamela Stirling's statement in her recent editorial - The things that matter:

We are, paradoxically, in the middle of the greatest explosion of individual self-expression the world has ever known -  got your own weblog yet? -  but there is less informed debate.

This is a stock position of many on the Left who are unpleasantly surprised that so many disagree with them. It's a position the Greens hold on GE - "if there was just more informed debate then everyone would agree that GE is bad".

There's plenty of debate going on, some of it informed and some not. There is no point in trying to explain away other points of view in this manner. It is far more productive, and indeed liberal, to presume that opposing opinions are held in good faith and that those that hold them will usually believe they are just as well informed as anyone else.

Norman Geras has more on the dissent stifling meme:

The silencing of the lambs


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