Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Scoop continues with Jewish conspiracy theory

Scoop is running its Jewish conspiracy story again, with no new information or evidence. Well, without any evidence at all.

Scoop continues to claim their source is "... an Asian-based NGO closely linked to New Zealand intelligence networks".

I wonder just what sort of "NGO" would want to be "closely linked" to intelligence agencies and also just what "New Zealand intelligence networks" might possibly be.

Simon Pound gave this bizarre carry-on an uncritical platform on his bFM show. It would be interesting to see someone with some investigative journalism skills ask Scoop a few hard questions.


Blogger Simon Pound said...

Hi there,

Investigative skills lack notwithstanding I invariably find the issues Selwyn raises fascinating, but certainly leave it up to listeners to read the work and make up their own minds.
We have 8 mins a fortnight and the topics are usually so broadly inclusive yet also so carefully detailed that we can only act to point people in the direction of more reading, should they be interested.

Glad critical ears are listening and commenting as, as you mentioned, my skills may not be so strong in that area. In fact my take on the affair would probably leave you cold - if you are interested look for "Mossad Madness" on scoop.

Also I tend to trust Selwyns reading of a situation more readily than I might trust another commentator as I have a very high opinion of his work - my failing again.

Simon Pound

4 August 2004 at 9:15 AM  

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