Friday, July 30, 2004

Tamihere - boys will be boys

John Tamihere makes some very valid points about the trouble with men: It's time men stood up to be counted.

For 30 years the liberal orthodoxy has been that gender differences are the product of society, of upbringing. Boys are aggressive because parents give them toy guns to play with while girls are interested in babies because they are given dolls.

The scientific evidence shows this not to be true and we have been suffering the consequences of trying to make this be true. Ignoring the inherent differences between the sexes has meant not being able to put resources into those areas that can make a difference in the ways that Tamihere has outlined.

Boys are by nature, because of their genes, more likely to be aggressive, to take risks, to push boundaries. All the ingredients for getting into trouble. Unless we recognise the reality of this, that this situation cannot be remedied by giving young boys dolls to play with, we will continue to face the crime, suicide and education statistics Tamihere talks of.


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