Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Anti-Semitism via Scoop

Israel Escalates Military Offensive against Palestine as Iraqi Resistance Builds:
Is Israel's current military offensive against Palestine meant to be the beginning of the end of any remaining hope for the Palestinians and lead to their ultimate expulsion from the land of Canaan? If one is to believe the chatter coming out of Israel, the average Israeli is in favor of completing the job whether through starvation, dehydration, military killings, transfer, and by assaulting the social, political and physical infrastructure to create a state of chaos so the "Arabs will kill one another off," as some are fond of saying. And what of Iraq, as a Neo-Con Israeli Zionist inspired "adventure"? Winning the peace has failed, or was that simply a ruse to engage America in an active partnership with Israel in the 21st Century Crusade against the Semite people from the Nile to the Euphrates. If so, despite his flaws Arafat's assessment is spot on and the only remaining hope is for the emergence of an International and Inter-faith Peace, Justice and Reconciliation Movement powerful enough to stop the madness from engulfing the world.

"Neo-Con Israeli Zionist". They control the world apparently. And even thought 70% of Israelis are in favour of a two state solution this does not stop Genevieve Cora Fraser, whoever she is, claiming "the average Israeli is in favor of completing the job whether through starvation, dehydration, military killings, transfer".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And what would this two state solution that 70% of Israeli support look like, pray tell?

If Israel were to abide by the Geneva Convention as others are expected to do (except the Zionized USA of course) Israel would be forced to retreat to the UN Resolution 181 borders designating 55% of historic Palestine for a Jewish state. The internationally recognized Right of Return would be implemented and the billions of dollars they have stolen from Palestinians in property, land and bank accounts would have to be repaid. Israel is built on one transgression after another... starting with the 1948 and 1949 Absentee Property Laws which stole everything from Palestinians and put their assets in the pockets of Israel.

Currenetly there are 64 seperate zones where Palestinians are permitted to live under constant assault by Israel... starvation, dehydration and brutality are a constant. Is this the state 70% of Israelis accept for Palestine? Israel is a pariah nation that WILL BE DEALT WITH IN DUE COURSE by international law and sanctions.

What is doubly troubling is that Zionism is supported as being at the heart of the religios Jewish experience. Ah well, I suppose it was so for the good Christians of Nazi Germany.


PS My info on Israeli opinions come from Israelis attending conferences as well as Israeli media and blog sites.

27 August 2004 at 9:33 PM  

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