Monday, August 16, 2004

Gordon Campbell and the Truth

Gordon Campbell ends his piece justifying why David Irving should be allowed into NZ with this quote from Bill Hodge:
If you go back to John Stuart Mill, we might know the truth of it [the Holocaust], but it might be dead truth, if we do not allow it to be challenged.

I presume we will see Hodge making similar statements about rape and pedophilia. We are unwise to make rash moral judgments about those issues since we can only claim that we "may" know the truth of it. It is "dead" truth until "challenged". "Challenged", that is, by someone who would deny rape and pedophilia actually exist.

Well it may come as some surprise to Campbell and Hodge that for many people it doesn't require exposure to fascist sympathizers like David Irving to understand the "truth" of the Holocaust. If Campbell and Hodge need to be so convinced then they should purchase the airfares and go pay Irving a visit. If they are presuming that it is other people that require the benefits of Irving's wisdom then that just shows their very poor judgment of other people.


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