Friday, August 27, 2004

ScoopMilitias & Paranoia

Scoop has published another piece of Right-wing paranoia by Chris Sanders of Sander's Research Associates - The negative return economy. A very weird outfit according to Crooked Timbers.

This time he writes in conjunction with one Catherine Austin Fitts. Her web site Solari is a mixture of New Age mysticism and right-wing paranoia. A not uncommon combination.

Fitts has her own "channel", as it is called, on the appropriately named Conspiracy Planet site - Catherine Austin Fitts Channel.

Conspiracy Planet is dedicated to every crazy conspiracy theory that one can imagine. There is something for everyone.

Jewish conspiracies: Mossad Sexpionage: McGreevey, Condit & Clinton

AIDS: AIDS: The WHO Vaccine Conspiracy & Monkey Business

Anti-vaccination cranks: Got Vaccine? Yecch

And just in case their is any doubt remaining as to what sort of character Fitts is, she is a member of The Mental Militia.

She is also associated with From The Wilderness where one can find out about VACCINE EPIDEMIC: A Tragic History of Lies, Fraud, and Death Remains the Standard.

So how is Scoop tied in with this spooky fringe?

Fitts was a founder of the 911 conspiracy site Unanswered Questions which peddles various craziness such as Jews having advanced warning etc etc. It turns out that Alistair Thompson's brother, Miles, was also involved in setting up Unanswered Questions. Which would be of passing interest accept for the fact that Scoop and Unanswered Questions have had an ongoing association. I wonder how many readers of Scoop are aware of this connection to such (Right-wing) fringe groups.

And Scoop is not above cooking up its own conspiracy theories.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since I know (or knew) Miles, it should be said that he is no right-wing loony. Miles is a left-wing loony, and I mean that lovingly.

He's also a nice bloke who's inclined to lend a hand to people who need a hand, so I wouldn't necessarily construe his involvement as anything deeper.

(The not-so-anonymous-unlogged-in-stephen-judd).

30 August 2004 at 9:51 AM  
Blogger Sock Thief said...

Thanks for that. I wasn't really trying to imply anything untoward rather just expressing my irritation over the amount of fringe material in Scoop and how no-one appears to comment on this. Also, I was being mischievous with the Right-wing allegation but with some of the Left-wing stuff from the US it is hard to tell the difference.

31 August 2004 at 3:50 PM  
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