Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Walzer on Just Wars

Michael Walzer has a very good article on Just War arguments - To War or Not to War in Forward.

It is reassuring that there still remains a part of the US Left that is not as stark raving bonkers as Oliver Kamm sees it:
What I find perplexing about the liberal wing of American politics - my natural ideological allies, for I am a Labour voter in the UK and would be a registered Democrat if I were American - is the ease with which it now invokes populist language that is scarcely distinguishable from the Moore-Chomsky account of the way the world works. The notion that the war in Iraq was fought for US oil interests, the denunciation by Senator John Kerry of 'Benedict Arnold' corporations for outsourcing clerical or data-processing jobs overseas, the superstition that Rupert Murdoch's media outlets schemed for and secured an illegitimate win for Bush in the 2000 election, are all commonplace rhetorical tropes that go beyond policy argument to a more diffuse embitterment. This type of thing ought to be consigned to the fringes, and a mainstream party that adopts such notions deserves to end up there too.


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