Monday, September 27, 2004


It is truely sickening to have so many liberals attack Allawi. Its all based on a Michael Moore disregard for facts. This is from the BBC - Who's who in Iraq: Iyad Allawi
Born in 1945 to a prominent Shia Muslim merchant family, Mr Allawi trained as a neurologist and joined the Baath party underground movement as a young man.

But when the party came to power, he fell out with the rising hard man Saddam Hussein in the early 1970s and was forced to go into exile.

He was badly wounded in an assassination attempt while living in the UK in 1978, believed to have been ordered by Saddam Hussein.
No wonder the Left hate him.

He joined the Baath Party at a time when socialist/pan-Arabist parties attracted many liberal thinkers. However he broke from them when he saw where Saddam's rise would lead.

We see the true colours of the "anti-war" movement with this attitude towards Allawi and the contention that the extremists he is fighting are "nationalists". "Nationalists" that target doctors and other liberals working towards democracy.


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