Thursday, September 16, 2004

Annan & International Law

I don't have any major problem with Annan, he seems like a decent bloke doing a hard job. But his opinion that overthrowing Saddam was illegal begs such questions as

Why wasn't not overthrowing Saddam illegal?
Why wasn't not intervening in Rwanda illegal?
And of course there was at the time no UN approval for intervention to stop Melosevic, so that was illegal as well.

There appear to be plenty of laws stopping intervention on behalf of liberal values and too few to punish the failure to intervene. Maybe its time for international law to get with the programme.


Blogger Jordan said...

Do you seriously think the United States would accept the constraints on its sovereignty? The international legal system is having enough difficulty putting together an international criminal court to deal with war crimes - thanks to the Americans. Pretty liberal value, really, prosecuting possible war criminals.

Not overthrowing Saddam wasn't illegal for the same reason not overthrowing George Bush isn't illegal. Countries have governments.

Not intervening in Rwanda was profoundly stupid but not illegal. It didn't happen because the west's interests were not at stake. (Which of course is why the Iraq war *did* happen.)

16 September 2004 at 5:14 PM  

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