Monday, September 27, 2004

Catholic Church accepts Evolution

Via Panda's Thumb -

Creative tension: omnipotence of God vs. dynamism of a universe accepts as likely the prevailing tenets of evolutionary science: the universe erupted 15 billion years ago in a "big bang"; the earth formed about 4.5 billion years ago; all living organisms on earth descended from a first organism; and man emerged some 40,000 years ago with the development of the larger, human brain.
No big surprises there, but more interestingly -
...the document does not argue for a "divine design" in specific processes of evolution. While acknowledging that some experts do see a providential design in biological structures, it says such development might also be "contingent," or dependant on chance.
The intelligent design argument has been one of the ways anti-evolutionists have tried to frame their point of view in a scientific manner. But since there is no designer, what need for God?
"Most people would pose the question this way: 'Did we come out of a necessary process or a chance process? If it's a necessary process, God did it. If it's chance, why do you need God?'" Father Coyne said in an interview.

"But I think the question itself is wrong. It's not just necessity or chance, it's also opportunity. We live in a universe that statistically offers so many opportunities for the life-building processes to work together," he said.
Its an interesting approach which touches on the issue of freewill.


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