Sunday, September 05, 2004

Gareth Evans

Chris Laidlaw's interview with Gareth Evans was a breath of fresh air. Its a pity National Radio's coverage of the intervention issue has been dominated by Left-wing cranks rather than people such as Evans.

I would disagree with Evans on why the US is acting as it is on the Israel/Palestine issue. Evans' view is that the White House, whether Democrat or Republican, has to deal with the influential Jewish lobby. This is a very simplistic view and does not take into account the basic fact that the vast majority of Jewish voters vote Democrat and always will do. They are not a constituency that can be bought as easily as Evans assumes.

Clinton was a big supporter of the Oslo Accords which fell apart before Bush (and Sharon) came into office. Bush was naturally disinclined to continue with a process, which although admirable, had clearly failed. There is no need to get into blaming how US Presidents act on this issue on the Jewish lobby.

But he is right that it is only the US that can sort things out. In the end that's where people turn to get things done which is one reason to be sympathetic to Bush's criticism of the UN. The UN is a good idea, if it works. But too often it simply does not work, as Bosnia and Rwanda for example. There's no use in blindly believing in such an institution.


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