Monday, September 06, 2004

Impossible to please

Juan Cole has become a master of the heads you loose, tails I win style of argument.

His latest example has him complaining that the recently elected vice-chairs of the Iraqi National Council represent four very diverse groups:
Jawad al-Maliki, Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq (Shiite)
Hamid Majid Moussa, Communist Party,
Rasim al-Awadi, Iraqi National Accord (Allawi's Party)
Nasir A`if al-Ani, Iraqi Islamic Party (Sunni)
Juan Cole believes these groups should be excluded from the government process. Imagine if they were, he would ranting that the process was undemocratic.

The reason he gives for opposing al-Maliki is that supposedly he "used to be" a "Khomeinist radical". Bizarre.

And he has it in for the INA because it contains ex-Baathists. I seem to recall a while ago Cole was complaining that the de-Baathification process was counter-productive because many people were Baath party members because that was little choice and this did not mean they should be excluded from political life.


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