Thursday, September 23, 2004

Iraq alternatives

From Harry's Place - Counter-revolution
Another anti-war argument that has emerged post-invasion suggests that the resistance would not be so great if there was no foreign presence in Iraq. There is certainly something to this, I suspect that the Jihad might be less attractive to at least some of those who have taken up armed actions if the opponents consisted solely of Iraqis.

This argument though presumes that there could have been a successful overthrow of the Ba'athist tyranny without a foreign intervention. I think this is fanciful but for the sake of argument lets play 'what if?'.

Would the hypothetical post-Saddam democratic Iraqi government, without the help of foreign troops, not now be facing counter-revolutionary violence?

I think the record of Islamists, like that of the Ba'athists, also speaks for itself.
It was and still is the one aspect of the debate that war opponents have not addressed - what would have been the consequences of allowing Saddam to remain in power? It is perfectly reasonable to oppose the war on the basis of what has happened as a result of the US overthrowing Saddam but the argument still falls over if there is no consideration of the other ways in which his Regime would have ended.


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