Friday, September 24, 2004

Neocon Slackers II

Looks like the Jewish take-over of the White House described by loony tunes such as Juan Cole has failed.

According to The Guardian - Bush fails to raise Jewish support
In a poll released yesterday by the American Jewish Committee, Jewish voters preferred John Kerry to Mr Bush by a margin of nearly three to one: 69% to 24%.
They've taken over Kerry instead.

UPDATE: I take back the loony tunes quip, Juan Cole on the Cat Stevens thing:
If you advocate the execution of novelists for writing novels, you and John Ashcroft deserve one another.
There's just something about Israel that makes him go all Scoopy.


Blogger Greyshade said...

American Jews (not unlike NZ Jews) have always been liberal. While they may be sympathetic to Israel they are mostly not "pro-Sharon" and are strongly supportive of peace initiatives such as the Camp David Accord or the Roadmap.

Hardline "Likudism" is far more likely to come from the Christian right who hav a very clearly ranked world view of "Real Christians" > "Nominal Christians" > "Jews" > "Heathens and Atheists" > "Muslims"

24 September 2004 at 11:19 AM  

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