Thursday, September 16, 2004

The New Religion

Fareed Zakaria on Hating America:
There is always a market for an ideology of discontent—it allows those outside the mainstream to relate to the world. These beliefs usually form in reaction to the world’s dominant reality. So the rise of capitalism and democracy over the last 200 years produced ideologies of opposition from the left (communism, socialism) and from the right (hypernationalism, fascism). Today, the dominant reality in the world is the power of the United States, currently being wielded in a particularly aggressive manner. Anti-Americanism is becoming the way people think about the world and position themselves within it.
This seems to me to be a very important point about the new anti-Americanism. Although it is in part a reaction against Bush's policies it has also become the new religion, the new explanation for all that is wrong in the world. That plus the Jews of course.

In New Zealand this is a phenomena that predates Bush. Clinton was disliked by the Listener-reading, National Radio-listening middle class rad set even when he was protecting Muslims from Christian fascists.


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