Thursday, September 23, 2004

Saletan on Bush at the UN

Bush the Liberal -
The nobility and folly of democratizing Iraq.

He points out the central irony of Bush the Conservative advocating US sacrifice on behalf of democracy throughout the world and Kerry the Liberal advocating putting up with the stability of dictatorships in order to protect US interests.
I love it when he goes to the United Nations - as he did two years ago and again today - and tells those lazy cynics to get off their duffs. They spend their days congratulating each other, passing toothless resolutions, and giving lip service to tired pet issues. Bush is just what they need. He pokes them in the ribs. He points out that scofflaws are treating them like a joke. He tells them to enforce their threats, or he'll do it for them. He preaches freedom and democracy. He vows to serve others, no matter who else joins in the cause. He refuses to back down, no matter what the price.

Unfortunately for Bush, it's the liberal in me who loves these things. And it's the conservative - in me and other Americans - who's turning away.
In this there is something explaining why liberal hawks find themselves supporting a conservative President.


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