Thursday, October 14, 2004

Ahmed Zaoui

Last night's doco on Ahmed Zaoui left me more convinced that the Labour Government's position is the right one to take.

The contention that Clark is taking the line she is because of some need to curry favour with Bush lacks evidence. The contention she is Bush's poodle is preposterous but then poodle spotters have their own idiosyncratic taxonomy.

The doco's attempts to explain why Zaoui has fallen fowl of so many democratic countries sounded very thin.

The contention that the French Government had master minded the abduction of French citizens in Algeria in order to provoke public outrage and therefore provide an atmosphere for an unjustified crack down on Algerians has all the hallmarks of a conspiracy theory. Especially as the Algerian Islamic extremists claimed responsibility. But perhaps Chirac is Bush's poodle too.

There might be various reasons to feel some sympathy for Zaoui but the doco provided none and the bottom line is he entered NZ fraudulently and if he is such a gift to Islamic democracy it is surprising Zaoui has not made a home in Malaysia, a country where his political skills would presumable be of some value.


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