Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Evolution and Public Policy

Gene Expression sums it up:
In truth, what is going on is not a simple naturalistic fallacy, that is, nature -> values, rather, it is more likely to be nature + values -> public policy prescriptions in ends of values. Nature has a constraining influence, it clears the field of the vast majority of cognitively conceivable options. Nevertheless, values still remain in the driver's seat.
He also quotes from William D. Hamilton (who we can claim, his parents were both Kiwis) on the mistaken belief that group selection, even if it existed, would lead to a more liberal-friendly human nature:
'Liberal' thinkers should realize from the outset that fervent 'belief' in evolution at the group level, and especially any idea that group selection obviates supposedly unnecessary or non-existent harsh aspects of natural selection, actually starts them at once on a course that heads straight towards Fascist ideology....


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