Friday, October 15, 2004

Good News

I think we might all agree that this is good news from Israel/Palestine - Low turnout at anti pullout demonstrations across the country
The settlement movement planned 100 anti-pullout protests to take place around the country simultaneously.

Police in Jerusalem arrested one demonstrator carrying stickers they said were inciting. At the city's entrance, police dispersed a group of demonstrators carrying flags of the outlawed Kach movement.

In response to the right wing action, the Majority Headquarters, representing the supporters of the pullout plan, said it would put up placards saying "The majority decides - we are pulling out of Gaza" across the country on Friday.
And a bit of tospy-turvy - When the left embraces Sharon
The closer the left's affiliation with Sharon, the stronger the alienation toward him within his own camp. Even the last of his faithful followers in Likud will not be able to continue supporting him - no one chooses political suicide - if they realize two weeks from now when the Knesset votes on uprooting settlements that most of those who support him are either members of the left or Arabs. A vote in favor of uprooting would serve the policy of the latter group, but not that of Likud.


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